Using Photo Booth To Make A Picture In An Event



Your guests will love it. We always have a queue to get into our booth and when guests come out they are always smiling; so much so they come back again and again! “The photobooth was the highlight of the night and everybody was really pleased with the photographs,” said one of our real brides. “Thank you for helping to make our evening one to remember!”

Suitable for all ages

“I have to say I loved the photo booth and so did the kids!” writes another real bride. “It was amazing, such a giggle and it was nice to have something the children and grandparents could join in with. I have the photos in my purse and am always showing them to people. It’s FAB! Thanks again!”


Back in the good old days we never had cameras on our phones! To grab an instant picture of you and all your friends you had to walk into town and squeeze into a photo booth (normally sporting a nasty pale blue curtain). Well our booths may look more stylish but the concept is the same. And, of course, we add some fun props to make it even more memorable.

Talking point

Want your wedding to have something a little bit different? Well a photo booth from Luxury Booth will have your guests raving for weeks afterwards. “I just wanted to send you a short note to say thank you once again,” says another bride. “Everyone raved about the booth and I will certainly recommend you to anyone in the future.”

Fabulous favours

Why give a traditional box of almonds when you could have a fun photo from the day that guests can look back on for years to come? One nice idea is to give them an empty key ring with a note to go to the photo booth later! We can add a copy of their snaps to this fantastic keepsake gift.

High-quality results

Today’s photo booths boast the highest quality pictures and technology and ours is no exception. All Luxury Booths are packed with the latest professional studio equipment. We make sure your prints are of the very highest quality. So much so we are often asked to make our pictures into large canva prints so guests can display them in their homes.

Theme it!

Are you having a theme on your big day? Whether you want a winter wonderland, day at the beach or even just a colour we can bring the props to match your theme. We can even customise your prints to match and – if the budget stretches – we can even customise the booth itself!

Share the love

Not only will your guests receive a copy of the fun photographs on the night, we will also upload all your ‘clean’ pictures to your very own Facebook album! This helps carry on the fun for weeks after the big day as friends and family tag, comment and copy their pictures.

Cool guestbook

This may be the biggest reason of all to book a photo booth for your big day. Though you might not even realise we’re doing this, you will be glad your booth butler took the time to make sure everyone adds a snap to your guest book while leaving a message around the photographs. Time and time again here at Luxury Booth we are told how happy brides and grooms are with this part of our service. It’s a new twist on the traditional guest books and one that you will want to look at again and again.



A photo booth costs less than you think!

YOU GET: Entertainment. Event Keepsakes and Wedding Favors. More photos for YOU that commemorate your big day. A photo booth scrapbook that you will cherish.

 Look at how much hiring a photo booth can cover based on a typical 150 person wedding or event:

The cost to provide entertainment for your 150 guests. For example, a strolling magician or other forms of entertainment that engages the guests (in addition to your DJ). $400 to $800

Cost of event keepsake or wedding favors for your 150 guests. $150 to $600

The Cost of additional candid photos of you and your guests. $125 to $250

Cost of a standard event or wedding guest book. $25 to $100

Totals $700 to $1750 for these aspects separately! YIKES!

Our photo booth rental prices start at only $595 for our elegantly stylish services, and we even have a digital photo kiosk option for folks on a tight budget. Save hundreds, even over a thousand, by choosing our photo picture booth for weddings and events.

As you see, booking a photobooth saves you a significant amount of your event budget by combining many elements of fun and entertainment.

With its entertainment value, memorable keepsake favors, uniqueness and theme fitting aspects, photo booth rentals are one of the better areas to invest your wedding budget.




The past five weddings you’ve been to (or in our case, 1,000), have included a photo booth, right? And why not? They’re fun and give guests something to do other than eat, dance and awkwardly mingle with the people they do not know at their table. If you’re looking to be a trendsetter and tired of the same old photo booth idea, take a look at these five alternatives to still capture the memories, but in a more modern way…

  1. Polaroid Camera

Kick it old school. Rather than rent a high tech digital photo booth, set up a few Polaroid cameras for guests to grab at. Create a designated area with a prop table so people can plan their print-out pictures wisely. Have a clothesline or wall set up so guests can hang their pictures to develop for all to see before either taking them home or saving them as a token for a guest book. Urban Outfitters has been selling super cute Fujifilm Instax vintage-looking cameras in pastel colors for $100 each lately!

  1. Caricature Artist

Last year, our couple Farah and Ryan, who wed at the historic Asbury Park Convention Hall, hired Drawn Together NYC, a caricature artist that sketched portraits their guests. Everyone got to take home a funny drawing of themselves – and lurved it. If you’re having a Jersey Shore, boardwalk themed wedding, consider this festive, fitting option.

  1. Selfie Sticks

One of our June couples, Phil and Marissa, opted the traditional photo booth for a selfie stick on each table at their outdoor bohemian-themed wedding. The sticks fit the vibe and allowed guests to take pics right at their table on their own time. Plus, with the speediness and popularity of social media today, guests could immediately post their selfies online with the couple’s wedding hashtag.

  1. Touchscreen

OK, so maybe you are a techie (hey, no shame there). If so, think about a touchscreen photo booth. Photo Creations has a special one that you can rent and essentially treat like a giant iPhone. Tap to take a pic, then draw pictures and words in colors on top of the photo like your SnapChat app before printing.

  1. Flipbook

Remember those little books you used to make in middle school (mainly of stick figures doing things) that you flipped really fast and it appeared like a moving picture? An L.A. based company called Flipbooth functions as an open-air photo booth that films for 6 seconds before splitting out your images into a miniature flipbook. Now, to get them to Jersey… (if anyone’s successful, let us know!)


Photo Booth Greeting Cards For Special Events, Birthdays, And Holidays

This unique photo booth pictures idea will warm somebody’s heart– especially if your photo booth picture is one of a kind! Got a bunch of wedding photo booth pictures? Make some thank you cards for your most beloved guests.

What about all of those photo booth shots of you and your best friend? Put together an unforgettable birthday card for them.

To start this adorable photo booth greeting card project, you will need:

  • Cardstock
  • Stickers
  • Pens
  • Glue
  • Photo corners

Start by placing your photobooth photo on the unprinted side of card stock. Determine how much space you want around your photo and at the bottom.

  • Get your measurements, and double it. Cut out the measured rectangle.
  • Put the photo corners onto the photo strip.
  • Fold the cardstock in half. On the front printed side, attach the photo strip to the paper. Make sure you’re using stronger glue for this one so it’ll last longer.
  • Embellish the front of the card with whatever you’d like.
  • Write a sweet message and sign the inside of your card.


Why photo booths have become so popular!

Photo booths have become so popular in the most recent years for all special occasions and here’s why:

  1. They are a great way to get your guests engaged and serves as an icebreaker at your event.
  2. Photo booths are so fun and it is a great source of entertainment for all your guests. No matter how old and young, everyone can let loose and get creative in the booths with all the props!
  3. Your guest will create memories they’ll get bring home as a keepsake from your event with just one snap
  4. You have the ability to customize the photos to match the theme of your events that can be used as a party favor.