Practical Tips To Help Organize Your Unloading Services

Moving Guide


If you plan on hiring a moving company, you might want to do some research first. Please review the sites below for more great information about moving and to find a company whose services fit you best.


The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) offers a Certified Mover Program for moving companies throughout the United States. This program consists of professional movers that have agreed to follow “Code of Conduct,” by responding to customers both ethically and in a timely manner.


Some homebuyers choose to move themselves and their belongings. It you want to save time and money by taking on this endeavor yourself, be sure that you have ample packing supplies. Please review the sites below for some informative resources about purchasing boxes, bubble wrap, labels and tape.


The day has finally arrived! As excited as you and your family maybe about your new home and its surroundings, moving can make everything seem uncertain. It is important to take a deep breath and try not to be stressed.

Here is a list of important things you should remember when your moving day arrives:

Designate specific items that you need, that should not be packed with the rest on your belongings.

If you have children, make sure that they have at least two special items to take with them for the trip.

Make sure you remove all trash from your current residence.

If you are using a moving company or friends and family, specify certain unloading areas.

Make sure there are ample walkways for moving large pieces as well as boxes of your belongings.

If you are using a moving company, reiterate those specific items that need special attention and handled-with-care.

Remember to meet the needs of those helping in your move by supplying them with food, beverages and restroom facilities.

Lastly, if you are using a moving company, please remember to read and sign all paperwork, documenting anything that transpired during the moving process.


Storage Guide for Movers

Moving can be hectic. There is a lot to do to successfully relocate your life and one misstep could cause serious problems, costing you time and sanity. American Self Storage wants to help so we have compiled a moving checklist that you can follow to make your move an easy one.


Call your gas, water, electricity, trash, and/or cable company and schedule a time a date to switch services to your new address. You can do this around a month in advance in most cases so get this done early.

Change your address

You can schedule a change of address with the post office which will reroute your mail to your new address for about a month. You should also call, email, or mail address change notifications to interested parties.

Sell and/or toss unwanted items

Consider getting rid of a few things. You can easily sell unwanted items of value on Facebook. Be safe and smart when selling items to strangers. Go through toys, papers, dishes, etc. and toss broken or unwanted items.


Whether you hire packers or pack yourself, consider which items in your house should go together, both for item safety and ease of unpacking. The easier it is to unpack, the better.


Step-by-step commercial relocation

Moving an office space is very different than moving a household. That’s why both small and large companies, when they move, need to hire a relocation company. But choosing among many moving companies County offers isn’t easy. This is because moving business premises is a job for trained professionals. And before you even start thinking about how to do it right, here is our step-by-step commercial relocation checklist to help you out.

How to make a commercial relocation checklist?

As we said, before you move your office you need a proper commercial relocation checklist. You can easily get an online template or create one on your own. The thing is, moving an office or business premises isn’t easy. You have to think about the furniture and equipment that is certainly not cheap and thus take extra care in all phases of relocation. That’s why you need to instruct your staff or loading workers to properly prepare things for loading and transport or to instruct them on how to do it properly.

Packing your office items can be challenging

Many businesses also often have a lot of documents stacked in folders. Before transport, they need to be properly packed in larger boxes and covered with tapes or stretch foils. Sometimes you may need special boxes or even crates, but often this can be done with standard packaging. Of course, every business is different. That’s why there are not the same techniques for packing, loading, and unloading for all business niches. The same goes for equipment. You need different packaging for computer equipment, copiers, and other machines whose size can vary. Of course, your equipment may be specific and may require special procedures when moving.

Plan in advance and save money

Sometimes you have to move your office at the last minute. But, if you have time, plan in advance. Like any move, the relocation of the company should be carefully planned. Packing is one of the very sensitive phases. Do you ask your workers for help? Besides, count on the fact that you will need moving material, in order to avoid the risks of damaging things… But how much will your employees use? If you have a lot of computers, it would be best to hire an expert to turn them off and pack them nicely, without damage and the risk of damage to wires, hardware, and other important parts of the computer

Your business should be up and running as soon as possible

In order for everything to be on time and not to waste too much time, you have to plan all actions but also harmonize them with your business obligations, working hours, and other factors. When you make a plan and arrange a relocation date, movers should come and pick up your things and move them to another address as soon as possible.


Loading and unloading equipment

Loading and unloading equipment should only be done by people with the relevant knowledge and experience. Heavy loads can be extremely dangerous if not handled correctly.

Loading and unloading equipment: our approach

To ensure equipment is loaded and unloaded safely, our team members must have the appropriate training and experience. This includes being inducted into our internal policies, procedures, and processes

These internal guidelines are also used in conjunction with site specific rules and traffic management plans, site induction training and regulations relevant to each individual equipment and vehicle specifications.

Risk assessments

Before loading and unloading equipment, a thorough risk assessment should be carried out which considers every step of the job, including site risks and hazards, loading, transport, and unloading. This is particularly necessary in the case of an unfamiliar commodity or location and/or where there are unfavourable weather conditions.

Safe loading/unloading areas

Before any load or unload commences, we require all drivers to complete a situational risk assessment and implement the necessary controls. Designated loading/unloading areas should be sectioned off where required, a check should be done for overhead electric cables, the area should be cleared of debris, and any uneven surfaces should be identified.



best professional packing service in the area. You can now say goodbye to the fear of damage, manhandled goods, or any other packing unforeseen. Customers also enjoy a seamless packing service without sacrificing time and money.


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Most individuals and customers pay less concern to their moving supplies when planning a move. If you are self-packing, ensure you have all the packing durables such as paddings, wraps, moving boxes, tapes, and others

Here is a list of some items you will need if you are self-packing.

Small moving boxes;

Medium moving boxes;

Large moving boxes;

Extra-large moving boxes;

Heavy-duty boxes;

Furniture pad;

Glass dish protection packs;

Tv boxes;

Mirror boxes;

Moving blankets;

Mattress and furniture covers;

Protective foams;

Packing tapes and dispensers.

Customized carton to fit your furniture

If your office has special equipment, we can always prepare on-request custom cartons just for them to ensure the safe delivery of your equipment.

Wardrobe boxes

Electronic boxes

White cuter mailers

Tote boxes

Envelope boxes

Two pieces file box

One-piece file box

Packing Services takes care of all your packing duties to your satisfaction regardless of the option you choose.

Full Packing — our full packing service option gets the job done fast and saves time. No need to get stressed as our professional packing team will ensure you get up and running in your new destination in no time.

Partial Packing — our team will have a deeper understanding of the items you want to move as you enter the details on custom quotes. Our team will ensure to identify the goods you love to pack yourself and how we may assist you.

Unpacking — our unpacking service option gives you more room for other pressing needs while our team unpacks your goods to help you prep your new abode beautifully.

Office Packing — the office packing service team ensures your relocation is successful and ready before the next working hour. Our professional crew ensures that all appliances arrive safely and on time.

House Packing — our house packing service has every material and moving boxes needed to ensure all your home appliances arrive at your new location safely. We even have custom boxes for very fragile goods.

Other Services — office mover provides other handy services like cleaning, prepping, and storage of goods to ensure your relocation gets much easier.