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How to Find a Good Exterminator

If you have a pest problem, before you call in the pros, find out what you can do on your own. In the “Exterminators” section of our website, we provide several articles that describe the most common household pests and offers tips for eliminating them. Except for termites and bedbugs, you should be able to cure most pest problems with a modest amount of effort and without hiring a pest control service.

Ratings from Customers

The most common type of complaint we receive from pest control service customers is that companies fail to show up for appointments. But we also often get gripes about sloppily applied treatments that don’t do the trick, alarming termite inspections that lead to unnecessary work, inept termite inspections that fail to detect infestations, and salespeople who push expensive annual contracts.

Complaint Histories

Also check companies’ complaint histories with local consumer agencies, such as a local government consumer agency or the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

How They Approach the Problem

Different outfits have different strategies for treating, or preventing, pest problems—for example, baits versus sprays or long-term contracts versus one-time treatments. We describe these approaches and choices in our articles advising on how to deal with specific pest problems. Some companies are flexible, but others offer one approach only. Discuss options with each service you consider, and choose one that makes sense for you.


In pest control, as in most fields, it’s good to withhold payment until work is complete. In the case of termite jobs, however, some firms require partial payment prior to completion.


Where is the Best Exterminator Near Me: How To Find Your Dream Pest Control Company

Life After Bugs understands that nobody wants to come into their home and be faced with a cockroach, mouse, or long trails of ants and termites. Because of this, we do our part to keep track of your home’s pest progress so we can monitor any changes. In this blog, we’ll break down some of the signs that quality exterminators exhibit, and you can pick the best pest control available.

Keep in mind that every pest control service treatment will be different. Every house is different, and the level of your infestation may vary from some of the other clients our pest experts take care of. However, when you’re working with experts with years of experience such as Life After Bugs, you won’t have to worry about this being a problem. In our decades of exterminating pests, we’ve seen just about every type of home you can think of, yet our passion for pest control has never wavered.

Pick an Expert!

Though every service treatment differs, there are parts of it that should remain universal. For example, most pest control businesses are able to take care of bed bugs, mice, roaches, and any other type of pest problems Are you currently negotiating with a self-proclaimed pest expert who is only able to spray your house for one or two pests? If so, many experts suggest you look elsewhere.

Make sure you’re working with a professional who is just as precise and specific as you are. If you’re currently dealing with a termite control issue that is deteriorating your house, hiring a rookie exterminator may simply make your situation even worse. It is crucial to know what types of termites are in your home before designing a treatment plan for you.

Life After Bugs | Green Pest Control Company

Nobody wants to have to worry about their pets, children, and loved ones breathing in harmful chemicals after a major pest treatment has taken place. Unfortunately, this is something that people have experienced time after time.


Best Pest Control Companies

Professional pest control companies can help remediate a problem or prevent pests from getting in your home. If you’re unsure which pest control company is best for you, read our comprehensive guide detailing our top pest control companies

Having pests in your home is never a welcomed thing, whether it’s ants, roaches, mice, termites, bed bugs, or whatever else has made your home theirs. Luckily, pest control companies can help take care of them for you. But with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult for homeowners to know which is the best pest control company for them.

That’s why the This Old House Reviews Team analyzed and rated dozens of pest control companies and narrowed down our top picks to the three best. These companies offer high-quality pest control across the board. All provide protection for the most common household pests as well as specialty nuisances like termites and bed bugs

How to Choose The Best Pest Control Company

When choosing the best pest control company for your needs, there are several important factors to consider.

Type of pests

Perhaps the most important factor is the type of pests you want remediation for or protection against. Are you looking for a comprehensive pest control program that covers a variety of common household pests, or do you want a targeted plan that only tackles mosquitoes or stinging insects? Some pest control companies offer a broad range of plans, while others specialize.



What’s the best way to set up a consultation or an appointment with an exterminator during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Ask exterminators in your area if they would be willing to offer a consultation over a phone call or video chat. You can then ask them any questions you have about the upcoming appointment. Make sure to ask what precautions they are taking to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and whether they are observing social distancing guidelines. You may ask them if it’s possible to conduct the appointment virtually or without person-to-person contact.

How can I find out if an exterminator is considered an essential COVID-19 service provider?

Essential service providers during the COVID-19 crisis are defined by individual states, cities and localities. For the most accurate information, visit your official state or city government website to see what is considered an essential service.

Are there ways to be safe if I hire an exterminator when social distancing?

If you need pest extermination services inside your home, talk to the exterminator first to be sure that you both feel comfortable completing the project. Also, follow the CDC’s guidelines on social distancing. You can also arrange with the exterminator to take extra steps to stay safe, such as waving instead of shaking hands, staying at least 6 feet apart, using digital payments and sanitizing any common spaces before and after the project is complete.

Can I use digital payments to pay for pest control services?

You may be able to use digital payments such as Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash or Zelle to pay for extermination services. Many businesses accept methods of payment besides cash and credit cards. Check with pest control services in your area to see if they have changed their payment methods as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does an exterminator need to enter my home?

If you have an outdoor pest infestation, it’s unlikely an exterminator will need to enter your home. But if your pest infestation is inside your home, the exterminator will likely need to enter your home. Check with the exterminator beforehand to explain the extent of the problem, the layout of your house and see if they can complete the job outdoors. You can also ask the exterminator to video chat or set up a phone call to exchange as much information as possible before you begin the project.


Find the Best Pest Control Companies

Insect and rodent pests carry diseases, cause property damages, irritate allergies and cause other harm to people. If you suspect a vermin nuisance, use our guide to select the best pest control company for you. Many companies are experts in dealing with pest infestations and can help you get pests out of your home quickly and safely. They can then help property owners take preventative measures to ensure their homes and businesses are not infested again

Properly identify the pest you need to get rid of

Pests often invade homes, but not all pests are created equal. Pest control companies have services to deal with a range of unwanted critters. Choose a company that specializes in the type of pest you’re most concerned about.

Rodents: Some pest control companies work on ridding spaces of rodents like rats and mice. These companies may not have specialized solutions for dealing with insects (like sprays, chemicals, etc.), but they do have specialized knowledge for ridding of animals (e.g. with traps, steel wool, building maintenance, etc.).

Insects: Insect infestations are also a common problem that certain specialized pest control companies deal with. Companies that deal with insects often have specific sprays or poisons that can be sprayed to rid houses of bugs. They also have knowledge of using traps to attract and kill bugs, as well as different natural preventative methods families can take to ensure bugs do not re-infest a home.

Less common pests: Some pest control companies deal specifically with more specialized problems, such as bedbugs, raccoons or termites. While some large, generalized pest control companies are well-versed in more common insects like ants, roaches and mosquitoes, more specialized companies can deal with problems that are rarer (like bed bugs) or regionalized (like scorpions).

Consider the company’s commitment to eco-friendliness

Getting rid of pests often requires the use of harsh chemicals, but companies can use products of varying toxicities in order to end infestations. In fact, some companies focused on eco-consciousness don’t use chemicals but implement natural ways to get rid of pests instead.

Traditional pest control companies: A traditional pest control company often uses very harsh chemicals, like pyrethroids and pyrethrins, to get rid of bugs. These have a bigger impact on the environment than some eco-friendly methods.

Green pest control companies: Green pest control companies use methods or materials to get rid of pests that are friendlier to the environment, such as chemicals with lower toxicity or natural products, like boric acid.

Multi-faceted pest control companies: Many pest control companies use a combination of strong toxins when infestations are particularly large and hard to treat, or when they have not responded to less harsh treatments, and eco-friendly, more gentle treatments when infestations are not particularly difficult or when pest problems are mild.