Choose The Best Materials Of Your Tile Roof


The Color To Be Energy Efficient:

The roof color plays a significant role in turning the house highly energy-efficient, so considering the fact you will be in a position to save on your utility bill. The lighter shade of the roof will reflect the heat better keeping the interior comfortable. If you choose a darker shade for your tile roof then it will absorb the heat faster turning the interior too much hot. You will make use of cooler or HVAC systems more to stay comfortable. This will thereby be increasing your electricity bill just because of the color of the roof. The roofing companies in Phonix can assist you in choosing the right color shade to help you in saving on utility bills without disturbing the aesthetic beauty of the property exterior. Colors like white, beige, light bronze, peach or light blue can reflect heat and light better.

Common Trends Of The Neighborhood Houses:

Besides personal aesthetic sense, you need to take into consideration the colors of the roofs of the neighborhood houses. If all have a similar pattern of color then its safe to go with the same color. On the other hand, you can make a little bit change in the shade or pattern of coloring the tiles of the roof to make your house stand apart from the rest without turning an eyesore.

The Appearance Of The House:

Many are not aware that the use of dark with light colors create a magical impact on the appearance of the home exterior. When you have a light-colored roof it will make the house appear taller than actual and will be an ideal option when the house is having a low roof or a shallow looking pitch. Contrasting, using a darker color will make the tall roof appear less overwhelming.

Style Of The Home:

The roof color or better to say the roof tile color that you will be selecting for your roof need to match your overall home style. Select the color taking into consideration all elements of the exterior design of the home, for example, the color of doors, windows, walls, landscape, frames of doors, balcony grill, etc. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the color of the tiles will stay for several years and so even if you don’t like the color after a year and so, it will cost you big to change. Select the shade which will please your eyes long and keep complimenting the beauty of the house externally. There needs to be a cool balance between the roof color and the color of the rest sections of the house exterior. Take suggestions from roofing services in Arizona experts and compare color samples to pick the right shade for the roof. We will suggest you check the samples in the various time slot of the day. This will give an idea of how it looks under a bright light in the afternoon, semi-dull in the morning and when the sun is about to set.

Paint Quality:

It is one of the key factors to consider when you begin the search for the perfect color for your roof. Your search should target high-quality paint perfect for applying on the tile roof and the one that can serve you long. There are various companies which are manufacturing a wide range of color paints for the flat roof tiles to select from. You can seek the assistance of the roofing contractors to help you choose the right quality and shade of paint for the roof. The paint should be the one with acrylic resin which can block the ultraviolet light. This will help to protect the roof from premature fading, corrosion, peeling, rust as well as water infiltration. Ask for the paint warranty period before you buy it, it is better to go with the one with the maximum warranty period. Check the reviews of the paints online for getting more ideas on quality roof paints.


Tips in Choosing The Best Roof Tile For Your Home Extension

Popularity of Roof Tile for Home Extension Returns

Today, its popularity is again taking hold thanks in part to a renewed interest in old-fashioned aesthetics. If you’re contemplating investing in roof tile for home extension purposes, it pays to educate yourself on the best roof tiles available, to suit your specific needs.

Here is a quick guide to picking roof tile for home extension purposes:

Pricier doesn’t always mean better – you’ll be tempted to invest in extremely pricey roofing tiles with the general presumption that the most expensive ones last longer, or that they require less maintenance, but don’t be fooled! More often than not, mid-priced roofing tiles and even ones that are downright dirt-cheap are just as hardy as the over-priced ones, and investing in them won’t empty your pockets.

Learn to pick good ‘quality’ mid-priced tiles versus expensive ones, your wallet will thank you for it.

Pick the right tile for your climate – if you live in a tropical climate, don’t pick roofing tiles that are made from rock, since these tend to trap and collect heat, but do not diffuse it as well as other materials. Opt instead for clay, terra cotta, or ceramic tiles which are more ideal for tropical environments. If you live in a place that has its fair share of sunny days and cold spells, investing in tiles made from rocks like shale or limestone will be worth your while.

Combine functionality and aesthetics when picking roofing tiles – the shape of roofing tiles aren’t there for mere aesthetics; it too also serves a very practical purpose. Slatted and curved tiles are perfect for climates that undergo regular bouts of rain, but dead-flat tiles are far more ideal for places which experience regular snowfall.


Tips in Choosing the Perfect Roof Colour and Texture for your New Home

Create the perfect contrast.

Take a look at your home design. If there are too many colours, patterns, and textures everywhere else such as different coloured brick or cement wall, textured stone façade in various shades, then your roof tiles must have a smooth or flat surface and come in a monotonous shade to look its best. Composite roof, slates, and asphalt shingles fit this design profile. A home with simpler features and toned down colours like white washed walls, smooth monochrome brick, can stand out with complex styles, playful textures, and richer colours. Clay, concrete, and wooden shingles may also be used to achieve this look.

Complement colours, not match them.

Many homeowners make the horrible mistake of choosing a roof colour with the exact same hue as the siding or exterior walls. You wouldn’t want your new home to look boring, would you? That is why you should pick complementing colours instead.

The secret lies in the theme.

One of the best tips in choosing the perfect colour and texture for your new home is to go with a particular theme. You can never go wrong with orange clay tile roofing for a Mediterranean house, or an olive green slate roof for a French Country home. If your house doesn’t have a specific theme that requires a certain colour scheme, then a neutral roof is a safe choice.

Observe roof samples under bright light.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on roof samples, examine them under bright light. You may also want to place the sample roof tile beside samples of sidings and walls. This gives you a more accurate estimate of what your home would look like once the roof is installed.

Consider climate conditions.

Black shingle roofs with plywood sheathing have the tendency to store heat and make a home ten degrees warmer. Unless you live in an area with cool climate, it is advisable to stay away from them and opt for other darker shades such as brown or gray. These lighter colours have no effect on indoor temperatures.


What Are the Main Types of Roofing Tiles?

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles can be a good alternative to ceramic tiles as they are less prone to breakage and look similar to ceramic tiles. Concrete tiles are made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water. The result is a tile that is very heavy, easy to install and less expensive than slate tiles.

Bituminous Tiles

Bituminous tiles are among the lightest and easiest to install. They are made of fiberglass and covered with basalt chips or granite on top. They can be installed by any roofer since they only require an adhesive to fix them to the roof.

Composite Tiles

Composite tile roofing is a multi-layered tile that comprises of acrylic, metal, and stone. The demand for such tiles is soaring as the need for a more natural appearance continues to increase. Composite tiles look similar to slate and clay tiles but are lighter than stone and concrete tile.

Polymer-Sand Tiles

Polymer-sand tiles are made from mixing sand and binding them with polymers. They are considered to be the most suitable alternative to the use of ceramic tiles. They look similar to ceramic tiles but they are more durable and less likely to break.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are known for their fireproofing abilities and to some extent their durability. They exclusively used in Southwestern and Spanish style homes but now they are almost everywhere. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors which makes them ideal for a wide range of homes.


Tips in Choosing The Best Roofing Materials

In choosing the best roofing material for your home, it is advisable to familiarize oneself with the various roofing materials that are available in the market before deciding to keep the same type of roof that needs to be replaced or get another kind of roofing material. Make sure that the new roofing can withstand all types of weather and can last longer than most. The roof slope is also one factor that needs to be considered when deciding on a new roofing material.

After considering on a material’s durability and longevity, consider the appearance as the roof covers your house. The roof is very visible on the street so it is best to find the roof material that would dramatically affect the appearance of your home. Find one that matches with the design, color, texture and material of your home to create an awesome finish to your home’s exterior look. If the style of your house is Spanish style then find a roof that is consistent with the design of your house.

The cost of roofing material greatly affects your choice. The asphalt-fiberglass shingles are the most popular material and they are affordable to buy and to install. Wood shingles are a little bit more expensive than asphalt shingles and so are the clay tiles. Typically, the higher the cost of the material, the higher is the cost of labor so take a pick of the most affordable roofing materials to get more savings both in the material and installation.

A roofing material’s durability is significant especially if you intend to stay in the same house for a long time. Find a material that lasts longer than most. One piece of advice, invest in a material that is more durable and lasts longer to reduce the cost of installation and the inconvenience that goes with the replacement of roof.